Transport Online – Corendon wants to offer holiday trips with corona tests


HILVERSUM – Travel agency Corendon is working on a plan to test tourists on corona before departure. Corendon needs hundreds of thousands of tests for this, CEO Steven van der Heijden said on NPO Radio 1 on Sunday.

“Holiday in a resort and keeping a distance of one and a half meters does not fit together. But if you put people in a hotel who you know are not infected, you can do it,” said Van der Heijden in the EO program. This is the Day. “We can offer this in Turkey, but also in Sicily and Sardinia. We are already in talks with the local authorities.”

Although the European Commission is still working on proposals and travel protocols to enable holidays in an EU country this summer, Corondon expects to be able to organize all-inclusive trips from the end of July.

Van der Heijden: “We have reached the stage that something is possible again. We see the bookings increase. People are already hopeful again. We are already seeing bookings for September and October”. Corendon would initially let half a million people go on vacation this year. Van der Heijden: “Let it be 200,000 to 300,000 this year, then we need that amount of testing.”


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