RIVM: Corendon Antibody Rapid Test Coronavirus not reliable


RIVM advises against having Corendon’s antibody rapid test. This week, the tour operator wants to start offering the rapid tests. Within fifteen minutes you will know whether you have made antibodies against the corona virus. RIVM calls the rapid test of Corendon “unreliable”.

By aviation reporter Doron Sajet

From June 26, Corendon wants to sell holidays which are guaranteed to be ‘corona-free’. For the time being, society is starting to travel to Antalya, where travelers stay in a Corendon resort and are not allowed to leave it during the entire holiday. The journey begins with a corona test at the Village Hotel near Schiphol. In the event of a negative outcome, you will remain in a corona-free environment from start to finish.

In anticipation of this, Corendon will start offering an antibody rapid test this week. Anyone who wants to can have a quick test done for 69 euros at the City Hotel in Amsterdam. After fifteen minutes, you will then know whether you have produced covid-19 antibodies and had corona, the holiday company claims.

Apparent safety

RIVM is not happy with that claim. According to the institute, rapid tests are not yet reliable and does not recommend having the blood tested for the presence of antibodies against the coronavirus. RIVM says it can “give a sense of false security.”

“Takes too long”

Audrey Denkelaar of Corendon says that the antibody test they offer meets European regulations for medical devices. According to Denkelaar, the test has a reliability percentage of 93 percent. “We want to fly again very soon. That is why we have already started to gain experience. Because if we wait for the RIVM, it may take too long before they have certified a rapid test,” Denkelaar said.

With the antibody test, Corendon wants to gain experience with testing before society starts with the ‘corona-free’ holidays. Corendon is also still looking for a corona test to be done before the holidays.


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