Who else hires Asian workers during the COVID-19 pandemic? During this period, the demand for HoReCa and the industrial segment decreased, but it returned for agriculture, factories, car services and constructions.


“We have seen a low demand for employment in Asia since the beginning of the state of emergency, but at the moment the signals received from the market are positive, which already confirms a return in the volume of applications.”

Until Romania faced the COVID-19 pandemic, the lack of labor in the local market pushed local entrepreneurs to turn to Asian workers. At present, when many companies have ended their activity and the number of terminated contracts, ie employees who do not return to work after the end of the state of emergency, has reached over 325,000, who else appeals to Asian workers?

“If in the first month (of the state of emergency – ed.) The demand decreased significantly, from mid-April we noticed an increase in interest in the import of labor from Asia. In almost all areas we can identify demands for Asian staff. If during this period the demand for labor for the HoReCa and the industrial segment decreased mainly, the requests returned for fields such as agriculture and animal husbandry, factory production, car services, constructions, we received requests including for personnel from SPA area and beauty salons “, said for ZF Peisakh Yosef, general manager of the employment agency Work From Asia.


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