Financial Times: Russia hides real mortality from coronavirus


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Financial Times: Russia hides real mortality from coronavirus

In Russia, mortality from coronavirus may be 70% higher than official data. The newspaper writes about it Financial Times.

Journalists of the Financial Times studied the data on all deaths last month in Moscow and St. Petersburg. According to official statistics, only 629 people died of the coronavirus in the country’s largest cities in April. At the same time, 2,000 more people died than on average in a few years. Thus, almost 1.5 thousand deaths, according to the British newspaper, remain unaccounted for.

If we add to this figure the total number of deaths from coronavirus in the country – this, according to the newspaper, will mean the excess of real mortality from infection in Russia by 70%. The figure will increase if other Russian cities and regions also record a similar excess, the article said.

Adalbi Shkhagoshev, deputy leader of the United Russia faction in the State Duma, claims that this publication is a fake on a global scale. The deputy suggested that the article could be a “certain order”, because in Russia the epidemiological situation is developing according to a successful scenario.

RosZMI writes that Russia is in the top five in the number of infected coronaviruses in the world, while in contrast to other countries in Russia recorded a very low mortality rate from the new infection. During the whole pandemic, just over 2,000 people died.

Authorities attribute this to the fact that Covid-19 is detected at an early stage, even when the disease is mild or asymptomatic. This helps not only to provide timely care, but also to quickly isolate the patient from other people.

Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova said yesterday at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin on May 11 that mortality rates among patients with coronavirus in Russia are more than seven times lower than the world average.

Russia reportedly overtook Spain and came in second in the number of coronavirus patients. Over the past 24 hours in Russia, the coronavirus was detected in 10,899 people. A total of 232,243 people fell ill during the pandemic.

Over the past 24hrs, 107 patients with coronavirus have died in Russia, and a total of 2,116 deaths have been recorded in the country.

43,512 people have recovered in Russia, 3,711 of them in the last 24 hours.

The day before, Russian President Putin announced the end of the non-working period, despite the growing incidence of coronavirus. The self-isolation regime will be maintained for people over 65 and people with chronic diseases.

By the way, today, on May 12, it became known that the press secretary of the president of Russia Dmitry Peskov was infected with a coronavirus.


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