My flesh was hurting / The doctors decided to give birth prematurely


Sabina Solovăstru is 22 years old and is from Rădăuţi, Suceava County. For several years, however, she moved with her husband to England where they started a family. When the coronavirus struck Britain, Sabina was pregnant with her second child and was careful not to become infected.

“On March 19, I started to have the first symptoms. I was 35 weeks pregnant. I felt constantly out of breath. My flesh started to hurt a lot, my wrists, my head hurt, I felt constantly dizzy “, said Sabina.

With terrible pain, the young mother arrived at the hospital in solitary confinement. Here he felt that he would not face this ordeal.

“I remember that at one point I started to cry and a nurse came and I asked her if my husband could come and stay with me, because I didn’t think I would succeed and she told me she couldn’t. All I could do was tell them to pray for me, and that’s what I did in my mind, so I could come back. ”

Because her condition worsened, British doctors decided to perform an emergency cesarean section.

“It was the only chance for me to survive, unless they took the babies out of me so I could fight alone. I panicked a lot, I called my parents, I told them that <> There were some terrible moments. ”

Not all women infected with COVID-19 have a caesarean section, doctors say.

“In a single situation such as this case, given that the lung damage is severe and respiratory failure occurs, then it is recommended to extract the fetus by cesarean section,” says Assoc. Dr. Romeo Micu, gynecologist.

After the birth, the young woman miraculously recovered, and a few days later she was discharged.

“I was allowed to breastfeed her even after I gave birth. They left me with the little girl and that was the greatest blessing. ”

It’s been seven weeks since her birth, and Sabina and her family are now in full health.

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