The situation with COVID-19 in Crimea is aggravated by air connections with Russia – human rights activists


The Crimean Human Rights Group claims that the growth of flights from Russia to the annexed Crimea worsens the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection on the peninsula.

“In early May, most flights to Simferopol airport arrived from Moscow. For example, on May 4, six planes arrived in the Crimea, five of them from Moscow. This week, passenger traffic to Crimea from Russia has not decreased. On May 10, 10 flights arrived in Simferopol, five of them from Moscow. On May 11, there will be seven flights, five of them from Moscow, ”the KGB said, noting that Moscow and the Moscow region are the epicenters of COVID-19 infection in Russia.

Human rights activists emphasize that the increase in passenger traffic with the regions of Russia, “creates serious risks of new infections and an increase in the total number of patients on the peninsula.”

“The situation is complicated by the fact that not all tourists who came to the Crimea adhere to the regime of self-isolation. In the conditions of such air connection with Moscow other restrictive measures (restriction of entrance to the Crimea through an administrative border or the Kerch bridge, restriction of interregional communication, etc.) will not bring necessary result for protection of Crimeans “, – declare in” the Crimean human rights organization “.

Seven new patients with coronavirus infection were identified in Crimea on May 12. Currently, 209 cases of COVID-19 have been registered in Crimea. 64 people recovered during the whole period. Two died, two more were not identified, but they were previously diagnosed with COVID-19.

The Kremlin-controlled Crimean authorities have announced that they will introduce it on May 12 mask modeand mode self-insulation extended until May 31.

Earlier, the Crimean Human Rights Group reported that the information obtained during the monitoring of the situation with the coronavirus in Crimea indicates that the official figures published by the Russian authorities do not correspond to reality.

The same fears are expressed in the Permanent Representation of the President of Ukraine in the ARC.

US Ambassador to the OSCE James Gilmore is convinced that the annexed Crimea is suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic, but due to “intimidation of Russia”, there is no real picture of the epidemic situation on the peninsula.


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