Why DELFI’s key news will no longer be limited to Covid-19


At this point, when together with the whole of Latvia we are entering from one “state of emergency” to another – already with different restrictions and several reliefs – we want to note what two months were like in the editorial office of DELFI in special working conditions.

For the second month in a row, DELFI national news, business news, foreign news journalists and editors have been working under heavy workload (of course, they are also helped by colleagues from other departments, such as sports news journalists, because there are fewer events in their field). To follow all the news about the course of the disease, decisions of the government and other state institutions, public behavior, containment measures, future plans, impact on business sectors, etc. etc., DELFI journalists and editors have long forgotten what it is – an eight-hour day.

Since March 12, when a state of emergency has been declared in the country, we have been informing about Covid-19 disease every day, publishing about 30 articles on this topic in Latvian every day – in total from the beginning of the emergency until May 12 – more than 2,500 news.

We both reflect and illuminate. Everyone who has seen the government’s press conferences live sees the questions of DELFI journalists, asking the ministers to clarify what has been said, to explain exactly what will happen in the face of what has been observed in society.

We also publish explanations of complex scientific issues, expert opinions, stories of foreign experience, depictions of the current situation and many, many other important messages.

You can find them all here.

We care that the information provided to you is at the same time safe and verified to help you navigate the large flow of information, including that published on social networks. Facebook works with independent third-party fact verifiers around the world to combat misinformation and review and evaluate the accuracy of content. They have become examiners and have joined this program as well DELFI journalists. In addition, we have paid even more attention to exposing hostile disinformation hostile to Latvia – in cooperation with the Eastern European Policy Research Center, we will now regularly highlight various “information warfare” marches in the section “Atmaskots.lv”.

State officials have also come to the DELFI studio several times to answer the most important questions of journalist Jānis Domburs, which were of interest to the public during the crisis. These intense discussions you will find here. In turn publication on the purchase of medical masks launched an investigation into possible irregularities.

And even during this time, we found an opportunity to talk in depth not only about the pandemic. Opus Magnum by our new, talented colleague Reinis Lācis – a story in eight series about the history of Latvian basketball in the nineties – Based on more than 60 sources, interviews with people for many years. It culminated in an impressive, glorious story, which, remembering the nineties and youth, was read in April in almost every house in Latvia where he loves basketball.


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