35 new cases per day, the total number reached 687


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        <img alt="" src="https://news.ykt.ru/upload/image/2020/05/100747/main_thumb.jpg?1589423191"/><p>Over the past 24 hours, 35 new cases of COVID-19 have been detected in Yakutia, of which 33 in Yakutsk and one each in Aldan and Namsky ulus, the head of the republic said on May 14. 

“In Aldan and Namsky ulus, these are contacts of previously sick people. In Yakutsk, there are corporate and family infections. During the day, 28 people recovered, and the number of extremely severe patients also decreased: yesterday it was 10, today it is seven. We hope for their recovery, ”said Aisen Nikolaev.

He added that verification of persons, first of all, obliged to observe the regime of self-isolation – contact and who came from other regions, showed that about 25% of them violate the regime.

“This can lead to sad consequences. Despite the temptation to go outside, to see the ice drift, we must refrain, because it will be in the next year, and the crowding of people can lead to mass infection. To remove restrictive measures in Yakutsk, it is necessary that the number of cases detected on the day be much less than 10. Today’s 35 cases do not allow us to do this, ”said the head of Yakutia.

Over the entire period, 687 cases of coronavirus infection were officially registered in Yakutia, 175 people fully recovered, and four deaths.



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