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disinformation and conspiracy theories during the pandemic / LR1 / / Latvijas Radio


“Latvia has introduced a penalty for denying the coronavirus. Even sprats are fleeing such a country ”- this is the title of a marginal website. The statement seems absurd, but it is only in the part about sprats.

The news that three men had been punished for not following the rules of distance and denied the coronavirus was originally formulated by the police and propagated by the media. Someone who has a tooth for Latvia, all they have to do is cut it according to their needs, take it out of context, supplement it with self-invented information and distribute it on the Internet. This is one of the ways in which misinformation is created that pollutes public spaces, but at other times, for example, with the recipes of ineffective disinfectants – can even have dangerous health consequences.

The show was made by Imants Frederiks Ozols, especially Latvian Radio.


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