German businessman develops coronavirus vaccine and tests it on himself


Experts worldwide report that one vaccine who will be able to deal effectively with the mockery may be ready as early as early 2021.

However one German A businessman and professor of medicine, he considered the waiting time very long and, with the help of scientists, developed his own, even rushing to try it on himself.

According to a report by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Winfried Stecker, founder of the Euroimmun Diagnostic Center in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, began testing it in late March. vaccine of. He has already received three doses – on March 26, April 2 and again on April 14.

The businessman states that he injected with the vaccine and then developed antibodies.

Pharmaceutical companies around the world are working on a suitable factor. There are currently more than 115 vaccine programs. Biotechnology company Mainz Biontech recently received approval to test its own active ingredient in an initial phase in about 200 volunteers.

At Lübeck, however, Stecker began testing a month ago: he was producing a vaccine in his own lab and tested it on humans, the German newspaper reported.

The vaccine contained the young man’s S1 antigen mockery, which was developed in the laboratory with the help of genetic engineering using a component of SARS-CoV-2, which is not in itself contagious. “Immunization was therefore safe, there was no risk of infection from the coronavirus, neither for me, nor for my family and my colleagues,” said Steker, which is important since the 73-year-old businessman belongs to the high-risk group.

This particular antigen (ie a living or inactive substance that can produce an immune response) is not, of course, a new scientific discovery, as he pointed out in Bild, as it is already being tested, but not in humans. At least until now. Stecker decided not to wait for the results of the clinical trials in animals and tested the vaccine in injectable form on his thigh.

“I have immunity”

Initially, no antibodies were formed in his body, since by mid-April the relevant tests were negative. But a few days later the news was good for the businessman. “The immunization effort with its S1 antigen mockery paid off. I feel good, he doesn’t see any signs of any illness, “he said. A new test on April 22 found antibodies to Immunglobulin A and Immunglobulin G, which build up a wall of protection against viruses and bacteria. “Antibodies to virus cells could neutralize the coronavirus. I am now immune to Sars-CoV-2! ”He triumphed.

Positive test results can be useful for many people, says Steker. “In my opinion, three-quarters of the population could be vaccinated in the short term with its S1 antigen,” he told FAZ. SARS-CoV-2, which could be possible within the next six months. ” However, this process may take much longer, as prior approval from the regulatory authorities is required, as he told Bild: “Experts say a vaccine should be tested every two years before it is released.” Space, too big, for Steker, since lives depend on the development of the vaccine.

In order to shorten the vaccine approval process, its effects and side effects on humans should be checked first. “The effect of the antigen was predictable, but it is important that it has no side effects,” admitted the German professor. But experts say Steker’s ambitions are at stake. “Anyone who wants to vaccinate healthy people should be almost certain that something will not go wrong,” warns an FAZ expert.


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