Italy has killed the largest number of people with coronavirus in the last week, with Britain claiming 400 deaths | Svt


m, London, Beijing, Pa In Italy, 262 people have died with coronavirus in the last day, the most in the last week. The British government has reported the deaths of another 428 people with covid-19 in the past 24 hours, and the official balance of the covidid-19 epidemic in Britain has risen to 33,614 dead. Mainland on the middle of these new cases of coronavirus, which is about three less than in ter. Vichni, in whom the infection was confirmed in the past day, they fell ill in n.

In the previous five days, the balance in Italy was always less than 200. Compared to the previous day, the number of new nurses, which was 992, also increased by more than a hundred. He informed the Civil Protection Agency.

The total number of those infected in southern European countries exceeded 223,000, of which more than half – to 115,000 people – spilled. There are currently 76,440 dead. The dead register is 31,368, the largest in the United States and the United Kingdom.

It is also most prevalent in the northern Italian regions of Lombardy, Piedmont and Emilia Romagna, where 50,000 people are now recovering from the virus, while in the south there are infected mites. For example, in the region of Basilicata there are 127 nakaench, in Calabria 542 and in Sicily 1854.

After two two months of quarantine, the Italians began to slowly return to normal life last week. The government has begun releasing some measures, but they are closed by bicycle, cinema, theater, most shops, as well as bars and restaurants. This should change on Mondays, when shops, restaurants or hairdressers are to open in most regions.

The commission of experts, with whom the government is cooperating, warns that you should now be closely monitored and slow down in the event of a sharp increase in the market. We must be very careful to proceed step by step when returning to normal. In countries where restrictions were eased very quickly, the reproduction (determining the number of people that an infected person according to infection) again increased beyond border 1, said only this commission, Agostino Miozzo.

At the moment, the reproduction rate, which increases the rate of transmission, varies between 0.5 and 0.75, depending on the region.

In Britain, 428 people died on covid-19 in a single day

The new daily number of bent victims is no longer in the terrain and on Wednesdays, so there is no finger from the previous Thursday. In the last day, there were 3,446 known cases of coronavirus infection after a sample of almost 72,000 people.

Since his arrest, the presence of the covid-19 virus in the country has been detected in more than 233,000 people out of a mere 1.6 million tested. They record more than just in Russia, Spain and the United States.

The growth of the British balance of deaths has been slowing down since the second half of April, but the week-long summit surpassed the number of dead mucus from Italy and became the highest in Europe. The actual number of epidemics in Britain is likely to go a long way. Compared to previous years, the British Statistical Office records a decrease in total mortality in excess of 50,000 deaths compared to previous years.

Ti nov ppady covid-19 v n

Two of the new cases of outbreak have been uncovered in northeastern Liaoning Province and one in i-lin Province. The number of cases in which coronavirus infection did not cause symptoms, according to the ad in the country in the past day rose from eight to 12.

The total number of registered infections in the mainland, which does not include Hong Kong and Macao, reached 82,929 and 4,633 people as of May 13, according to local reports.

Residents of the one-million-dollar Wu-chan, where the coronavirus first appeared at the end of last year, were now waiting in more than an hour’s queues to join a new test room for the presence of the virus. The townspeople in this city launched a mass test run, which this week showed new cases of the disease and raised concerns about the kind of wave of the epidemic.

According to the report, the duty is to test all 11 million inhabitants in ten days. However, the priority is people from 12 categories, such as employees in the community, health care, transport, supermarket, etc. and people returning from abroad or leaving Wu-chan for work.

According to the Health News newspaper, which is associated with the German National Health Commission, the Wu-chan test facility will probably cost more than a billion Jan (about 3.6 billion crowns). But it can help to find the sources of the plague and reassure other provinces that it is safe to accept people from Wuhan who come to work or other people.


In France, 351 patients with coronavirus have died in the last day, 268 more than in the middle and most since the end of April. The Ministry of Health informed about it. died in connection with the disease covid-19 m land total 27 425, m opt exceeded the total balance of Spain, which records 27,321 deaths, and became the USA after the USA, Britain and Italy with the highest sweat.

The balance of deaths was the highest since April 29, but there were 348 deaths in ter, ie only by me. A total of 17,224 nakaenches have died in hospitals since the epidemic was arrested in France, and a further 10,201 deaths were recorded in nursing homes.

Since the onset of the pandemic, 99,000 people have had to go to the hospital in France due to covide-19, but no more than 59,000 have recovered and shaken their homes. There are now 2,299 patients in the intensive care unit, while in mid-April it was around 6,000 people.


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