COVID-19 in the Baltics. There are 8 patients in Latvia, 12 in Lithuania, 8 in Estonia BNN


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In the last day, eight new cases of the coronavirus COVID-19 have been detected in Latvia, thus reaching 970 cases so far..

On the other hand, the latest public data on Estonia show that a total of 1,766 cases of the disease have been diagnosed there, with eight cases of infection detected in the last day.

A total of 62 people have died from the virus in Estonia; and 294 people have recovered from this coronavirus.

The latest data from Lithuania show that 1,523 people in their country have contracted the coronavirus, with 12 people being infected.

In Lithuania, the number of deaths due to complications caused by the virus has reached 54, but 965 have recovered.

So far, 85,431 examinations have been performed in Latvia, according to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control. Also, 19 COVID-19 patients died in Latvia, but 662 recovered.

It has already been reported that on May 7, the Latvian government has decided to relax a number of restrictions regarding the restriction of COVID-19, setting an extension of the state of emergency until June 9.

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People are encouraged to organize work from home as often as possible, to shop less often and not to stay where there are a lot of people.

In Estonia, a state of emergency has been declared until May 17, and in Lithuania – until May 31, sports, cultural, recreational and entertainment events are banned in the country.


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