Moscow authorities explain refusal to distribute masks with possible speculation


The free distribution of medical masks in Moscow will lead to speculation, said the first deputy head of the mayor’s apparatus and the capital’s government, Alexei Nemeryuk, on the air of the radio station “Echo of Moscow”. Wearing masks and gloves is mandatory in the capital from May 12, Muscovites are forced to buy them at their own expense.

“Any giveaway leads to speculation. There is a kind of “dark market”. This is not a way out … In Moscow, the practice is quite calm, ”said Mr. Nemeryuk.

Mr. Nemeryuk substantiated his opinion by saying that “in the very same Paris a black market of masks and speculation arose immediately: if it is issued somewhere for free, then it is“ free ”somewhere it arises for a“ charge ”.” He added that in Moscow, about 1 million masks are made from 4 million daily needed.

Earlier, the governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, said that he considered it inappropriate to distribute protective masks and gloves to all residents for free, because the city has many visitors from other regions.

On May 12, the country ended its non-working period. Now, the authorities of the entities themselves must decide on the removal of restrictions based on the local epidemiological situation. In Moscow and the Moscow Region, the isolation regime was extended until May 31. On May 12, construction and industrial enterprises resumed work in the capital.

About the pace of the spread of the virus in the capital – in the article “Kommersant” “Muscovites lit walk”.