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Several hundred people demonstrated in the United States on Friday against measures to curb it mockery.

The mobilization, which took place in Harrisberg, was organized despite the first easing of restrictions already announced on May 22 on 49 of the 67 counties in the United States.

However, turnout was significantly lower than in the first demonstration on April 20, according to an AFP photojournalist.

The protesters’ slogans yesterday were more or less the same as those of the April demonstration, denouncing, in their view, excessive restrictions on the activity imposed by Democratic Governor Tom Wolf and his team.

Among the protesters – most of whom did not wear masks and did not follow the social distance – were many Donald Trump supporters who waved American flags, others shouted slogans in favor of the re-election of the tycoon to the presidency in November, and many who were rhythmically shouting “USA, USA, USA!”

The slogan “Selfish and Proud” (“selfish / selfish and proud / proud”) was repeated in many of the posters. In the highly politicized dialogue on restrictive measures in the United States, those who do not wear a protective mask are often described as “selfish.”

Pennsylvania has been hit hardest by the pandemic compared to neighboring New York and New Jersey, but has more than 60,000 recorded cases and more than 4,300 deaths, according to state authorities.

Protests against the restrictive measures have multiplied in USA for a month now, especially in the states that are considered the most coveted and claimed in the presidential election, with the encouragement of President Donald Trump, who wants the economy to restart as soon as possible.

Pennsylvania is one of these states, as are Michigan and Wisconsin.

In the latter state, the Supreme Court, to which Republican elected officials appealed, overturned on Wednesday the extension of the restrictive measures decided by the government of Democratic Governor Tony Evers.

Scheduled mobilizations in Germany as well

Several thousand people are expected to take part in protests today against the restrictive measures aimed at preventing the spread of the mockery in Germany, a mobilization which, like previous ones, is expected to be characterized by the projection of conspiracy theories and slogans of the far right.

Organizers say they expect about 5,000 people to attend in Stuttgart (west). Warlords of the federal-imposed lockdown are also expected to take to the streets in Munich, Berlin, Dortmund and other cities.

Last weekend, thousands of people took part in protests against the restrictive measures, often defying social distance and hygiene measures.

Among the participants were supporters of conspiracy theories, members of the so-called anti-vaccination movement and far-rightists. In one of the demonstrations, journalists were attacked.

German police have already made it clear that they will deploy forces in today’s protests and envisage strict security measures.


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