in Abkhazia, 73 people passed the test for coronavirus per day


Over the entire period of the pandemic in the Republic of Abkhazia, 20 cases of coronavirus infection were recorded.

SUKHUM, May 17 – Sputnik. Over the past 24 hours, 73 people have been tested for coronavirus infection, due to the large number of samples, test results are expected on Monday May 18, according to the operation team for protecting the population of Abkhazia from COVID-19.

According to the headquarters, on Saturday, citizens who were hospitalized in the Gudauta hospital had the same state, without negative dynamics. A total of 16 patients with a diagnosis of coronavirus are being treated at the Gudauta hospital.

“Dear citizens, in connection with the noticeable worsening of the epidemiological situation in the republic, we urge you to observe the quarantine and self-isolation regime, and not to leave your homes without urgent need,” the operational headquarters said in a statement.

Over the entire period of the pandemic in Abkhazia, 20 cases of COVID-19 were recorded. According to the specifications of the staff to protect the population from coronavirus, currently some of the patients are students who returned from Russia, one who became infected is a soldier of the Seventh Russian base, who arrived from Dagestan and is undergoing treatment at the base, two of the citizens previously confirmed for coronavirus infection are residents of Bambora, arrived from Moscow, and a family of three are residents of Sukhum who arrived from Sochi.

In April, an infection was detected in three residents of Gagra, two patients recovered after treatment at the Gudauta hospital, one patient, a woman born in 1925, died. According to the Ministry of Health, on May 16, one of the cadets who arrived from Russia was also discharged from the Gudauta hospital.

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