“I didn’t eat anything for 11 days”


The Giuchici family was seriously affected by the new coronavirus: 5 of its members were tested positive for the virus in early April, including Miroslav jr., A former football player for Steaua. Meanwhile, Mr. Giuchici healed and recounted the difficulties he went through.

The fact that my 88-year-old mother and my wife, who had a stroke and in bed, did not take, while both grandchildren, my son and I do. One by one we were all hospitalized. After 10-11 days, we had double tests and in turn we were let go at home “, he revealed for PRO TV.

“All 11 days I was in the hospital I didn’t eat anything, absolutely nothing. In the morning they gave me a handful of medicines, including AIDS, cancer, syphilis, paracetamol.He added.

Giuchici’s cry: “I’m not leaving my sick wife!”

At the beginning of April, “Mima” Giuchici revealed to GSP the extremely difficult situation she was in. Found positive, the former footballer refused to go to the hospital. He wanted to stay home to take care of his mother and wife.

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