COVID-19 kills record number of doctors in Russia | News from Germany about Russia | DW


If you believe the official Russian statistics, then in Russia every 15th person who died from COVID-19 is a physician. This follows from the calculations of the “Media Zone”, published on Tuesday, May 19.

Journalists of Mediazona took as a basis the List of Memory, a memorial project created by Russian doctors with the names of colleagues who died from a coronavirus. As of May 19, it contains 241 names. Guided by the list, journalists sought confirmation of deaths from the effects of coronavirus infection in other sources and were able to confirm the death of 186 doctors.

186 doctors – this is 7 percent of all deaths from COVID-19 in Russia according to official figures, the number of which is 2722 people. At the same time, the official death rates from COVID-19 in Russia are the lowest among the top ten countries with the highest number of cases detected. Many Western publications, in particular The New York Times, doubt that the official statistics of those killed in Russia reflect the real picture.

In other countries, the number of physicians killed by COVID-19 is much less. In the UK – 0.5 percent, in Italy – 0.65 percent, in Spain – 0.27 percent.

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