Official fired due to outbreak of COVID-19 in Smolensk nursing home


The head of the department of social development of the Smolensk region, Tatyana Konashenkova, was fired after the outbreak of the coronavirus in the gerontological center “Cherry”. About it reported Head of the region Aleksey Ostrovsky at a meeting devoted to analyzing the situation in the center.

According to the operational headquarters, COVID-19 in “Cherry” was confirmed in 62 people: 52 employees and 10 patients of the center. 40 infected are in hospitals.

– The institution is fully provided with all necessary protective equipment, from May 20, it is planned to use only disposable tableware for the nutrition of elderly people, the headquarters said. In total, 464 old people live in Cherries.

Tatyana Konashenkova, who was in charge of social institutions, lost her job due to improper monitoring of their condition, said Alexey Ostrovsky. Another reason was the lack of understanding with public organizations. The new head of the department was appointed Elena Romanova.

– I very much hope that she will closely monitor the work of social protection institutions, treat older people as her own grandparents, and also build effective work with veteran and other public organizations in our region. – advised her governor.


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