Photos: this is how Toverland attacks the coronavirus


When do the amusement parks open again? Check for all dates.

Toverland thinks it is completely ready for the one and a half meter society. The Limburg theme park is open to the public again from today. Attractions, shops, restaurants and walking trails have been modified to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Looopings visualizes all changes.

It was still very quiet on the very first opening day in more than nine weeks. The adjustments in the park are fairly subtle: instead of crush barriers and construction fences, inconspicuous posts with ropes in between were chosen in most places. Warning stripes on the ground indicate how much distance visitors should keep.

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At the entrance you immediately notice a huge text trolley. The card check will take place at the cash registers and the Guest Service for the time being, where employees can scan tickets behind glass. Information boards are trilingual: all instructions have been translated into German and English.

All seats

One and a half meters away also applies in the attractions. That is why many roller coasters and waterway seats are forced to remain empty. In principle, all seats can be used with wing coaster Fenix, because the rows are far enough apart. Safety bars are checked with a special hook.

All attractions are operational, with the exception of the Kletter course. The entrance to the Booster Bike launch roller coaster has been moved fifty meters to the right. Playground equipment and playgrounds are only accessible for children up to 12 years old. The Toos Magic Show is currently not available. Fountain spectacle Katara will continue, but without the regular show times. The performance runs several times an hour. This prevents too many people from waiting for the show.

A person

A hand pump with disinfectant can be found at the entrance to each attraction. Toilet rooms now have a queue and a fixed walking route. In shops, a visitor limit applies, based on the surface of the location. For example, only one person may enter the Trojan Treasures at a time. Some hiking trails have become one-way.

Eateries will be working with simplified menus in the coming period. Terraces are open, with a limited number of tables and chairs. The Flaming Feather service restaurant will remain closed until 1 June. Spinning coaster Dwervelwind has a new stall of Spirello potato snack.


The measures were generally well adhered to. The roller coasters went wrong here and there after a ride. All visitors get off a train together and at the same time pick up their luggage. They are then all gathered together, without keeping a distance.

May 19 is a special date for Toverland. The Limburg theme park opened on May 19, 2001, today exactly nineteen years ago.

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