The people of Siirt will spend the Kadir Night in prayer for the Coronavirus outbreak.


The people of Siirt, due to the closed mosques this year, knowing the night of Kadir, which is the 27th night of the Ramadan-i Sharif, the sultan of the eleven months, and opening the hands to the sky without calling it young and old, to get rid of the Coronavirus epidemic. they called for prayer.

Everybody get out on their balcony tonight and beg Allah

Rıfat Taş, who said that they had spent this month of Ramadan very sadly, said, “Tonight is the Night of Kadir, but we cannot go to the mosques. May Allah get rid of this disease as soon as possible. Many people are unemployed because of the epidemic. Beg Allah, everybody turn your house into a mosque tonight. ” used expressions.

May Allah take this epidemic misfortune to your honor

Taha Balcı, wishing that Kadir Night will be beneficial to all the Turkish and Islamic world, said, “May Allah take this plague to the honor of Kadir Night. We need to make good use of this night. We should remember and pray a lot. Our elders, children and elders. let’s pray for this misfortune to happen. ” he spoke.

“Can you imagine this month is better than a thousand months”

Enis Salkım said, “Because of Coronavirus, we cannot approach our mothers and fathers and even kiss their hands, but let them pray to our Prophet Muhammed. We are having a hard time because of this epidemic. Therefore, tonight is a great opportunity for us. Let us evaluate this night with our children by reading prayer and the Quran. Maybe Allah will forgive us for this occasion, and he will repel the epidemic from us. Can you imagine this month is better than a thousand months. I will pray to all the Ummah Muhammad, I expect them to pray. ” spoke as

Today, young people and old people raise their hands to heaven and pray to God

Pointing out that he has been struggling with Coronavirus for about 3 months and suffered great difficulties, Ömer Eldemir said, “Let’s pray to God as old and young people, so that we can remove this virus from us. Because tonight is a very good night. My advice to people; people do not break each other’s hearts. Let’s see good days together. Tonight, as young people and old people, raise our hands to heaven and pray to God. With his permission, we will survive this epidemic. ” used expressions.

It is a beautiful thing to go to Allah before you

Pointing out that this night is the night of Kadir, Muslims should pay attention to their worship, Ömer Ograş said, “This world is mortal, it will not be left to anyone. It is a great thing to go to the peace of Allah cleanly. We have to fight hand in hand to fight this epidemic. I just witnessed a fight, especially in Ramadan, it is wrong to do this kind of behavior. People should be a little honest and respect each other. ” said. (İLKHAN A)


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