Can dance aerobics lead to the rapid spread of coronary heart disease?


Both gym owners in many countries (and in Greece) and their customers are eager to reopen their gyms, but the health authorities are reluctant to speed up their reopening. A new South Korean scientific study seems to justify this reservation, as it estimates that especially the intense dance aerobic exercise programs – which are especially popular with women – can lead to the rapid spread of the corona from one body to its surroundings.

The risk, on the other hand, seems to be much lower with other less intense programs, such as yoga and pilates. The study, while not evaluating the risks from the gym, concludes that when the gym reopens, special care may need be taken for various intensive dance aerobic programs, such as a temporary ban or enforcement. restrictions on the number of participants, ventilation and the area of ​​their venue, etc.

In a city in South Korea, at the beginning of the pandemic, 112 people (one in four without symptoms) were diagnosed with molecular tests, who became infected with Covid-19 in such “fitness dance” classes of 12 different gyms. It was preceded by a training session for instructors, in which eight of the 27 participants glued the crown. Then, while they were still asymptomatic or had very mild symptoms, they went to the gym to guide the dance programs, unknowingly transmitting the virus to many clients during the dance time.

Researchers at Duncank University Hospital and Dunhuk University College of Medicine in Cheonan, who published the study in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), point out that “due to the increased probability through droplets, intense indoor exercise should be avoided during the current epidemic, as well as public gatherings, and even in small groups. ”

The scientists noted that the small indoor rooms (up to 60 square meters) of gyms where these intense programs take place, are an ideal environment for the spread of Covid-19. “The humid warm atmosphere in the gym, combined with the turbulent flow of air caused by intense physical exercise, can facilitate the denser transmission of droplets,” say South Korean researchers.

They also point out that the number of participants in these programs seems to play a role in almost one hour (usually 50 minutes). The “classes” of five to 22 people make it easier to transmit the corona, which is not the case with small classes of up to five people.

It is also noteworthy that a coronavirus-infected trainer, who did yoga and Pilates programs in groups of seven to eight people, did not transmit Covid-19 to anyone.


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