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The billions of hryvnias that were not received in the state budget, which the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky spoke about at a press conference, have nothing to do with the efficiency or inefficiency of the previous team of the State Customs Service. This was stated by ex-head of the GTS Maxim Nefyodov.

Accusations against customs, which supposedly did not sufficiently fill the budget of Ukraine under the previous leadership, are groundless, the topic of “shortfalls” requires explanation with numbers. About this on May 20 wrote on Facebook, the former head of the State Customs Service, Maxim Nefyodov.

At a press conference, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that the budget tens of billions of hryvnias missing due to inefficient customs, smuggling and bribery. At the same time, Nefyodov himself, according to the head of state, is a “normal person.”

The ex-head of the department cited a schedule according to which planned receipts in December – April were to amount to UAH 163.3 billion, and real ones are estimated at 134.3 billion. Thus, a shortfall of UAH 29 billion is obtained, but its reasons are on the surface , believes Nefyodov.

“16 billion UAH is the exchange rate effect. A diesel engine drove for $ 100, but a forecast of 27.5 was drawn into the budget [гривен за доллар], but in fact it was 25. Who is to blame? Well, not the ones who planned the budget. It’s clear that the customs is to blame, ”the ex-official says ironically.

Another 22 billion was lost due to falling energy prices and the crisis, which reduced capital investment and equipment imports; in addition, rates were falling due to border closures associated with the coronavirus pandemic, Nefyodov said.

“The budget optimistically accepted the growth of imports by 11.3%, but in fact it fell by 2.2%. At the same time, all the“ smuggling categories ”increased, but gas and rolling mills were delivered much less. Who is to blame? Customs, which did not force [бизнесмена Рината] Akhmetova did not import equipment and did not persuade China not to close its ports? “He wrote.

At the same time, UAH 9 billion of “plus” in the schedule is the effect of growth in the efficiency of the work of the GTS team, the former department head emphasized.

March 4 Zelensky expressed dissatisfaction customs work due to smuggling. “We are told about a decisive and uncompromising fight with smuggling, but now it looks like smuggling sends customs to the knockout in this battle. Customs should collect money not from Facebook, but to the state treasury,” the head of state said during a speech in the Supreme Parliament.

March 24 Head of the Customs Service Nefyodov was dismissed from his post.


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