Coronavirus in the world, LIVE UPDATE May 21. Over 5 million cases worldwide


Coronavirus in the world, LIVE UPDATE May 21. The World Health Organization is sounding a new alarm. Most COVID-19 diseases have been reported in the last 24 hours.

Coronavirus in the world, LIVE UPDATE May 21

UPDATE 16:00 Scientists estimate South Africa could record up to 50,000 COVID-19 deaths

South Africa could record up to 50,000 deaths from the new coronavirus and up to three million infections by the end of the year, as winter in the southern hemisphere causes a higher rate of infection, scientists estimated on Thursday and statisticians, Reuters reports.

The country has already reported the highest number of infections and deaths on the continent, with more than 18,000 cases identified by COVID-19 and 339 deaths, but restrictive measures imposed nationally six weeks ago have slowed the spread of the virus.

However, scientists and statisticians hired by the South African Ministry of Health to provide a model for the spread of the disease said the country could have between 35,000 and 50,000 coronavirus deaths by November.

“We have not reached the peak of the epidemic”, said one of the experts, Harry Moultrie, in a televised presentation.

“We also have some significant concerns that due to the focus on COVID-19, other areas, such as the fight against HIV and tuberculosis, could be compromised.”he added.

The models, which take into account the most optimistic and pessimistic scenarios, show 3 million possible cases of coronavirus by November, while the number of hospital beds requested would reach 45,000, ten times the currently available number of places at intensive care.

One model shows that restrictive measures have reduced the infection rate by 60%, and that since the beginning of May, when the relaxation of restrictions began, the percentage has dropped to 30%.

“By imposing restrictive measures we create a physical barrier that prevents the spread of the virus”, said Health Minister Zweli Mkhize.

“The measures had a certain value. We are now trying to move to a slightly different strategy, a risk-adjusted approach.”he added.

UPDATE 10:00 Over 5 million cases worldwide

The pandemic triggered by the new coronavirus reached a new psychological threshold on Thursday, as the total number of confirmed cases worldwide exceeded 5 million, after the infection rate increased in Latin America and the situation began to improve in Europe. and in the United States, informs DPA.

According to data collected by specialists at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, the total number of people infected with the new coronavirus worldwide exceeded 5,001,000 on Thursday.

Most cases in the world have been reported in the United States, with 1,551,000 people infected, and Russia ranks second.

Tough accusations against Russia

One of the epicenters has been in Russia for some time and the Russian prime minister claims that the peak of the contamination wave has been reached.

For two months, every day, doctor Osman Osmanov has been treating patients with Covid, many of them in serious condition. The 40-year-old intensive care doctor works at a hospital in Moscow, in the red zone. The Russian capital is the epicenter of the Sars.cov.2 pandemic – half of the 310,000 cases of infection recorded so far in the Russian Federation have been detected there.

With so many patients, Moscow hospitals, including field hospitals, are on the verge. And the medical staff – close to exhaustion.

Russia is accused of reporting a small number of deaths, given that the number of infections detected has exceeded 310,000. And, officially, almost 3,000 Russians were kidnapped by Covid.

However, the authorities have announced in the past that they only report deaths caused strictly by the virus, without other associated diseases.

However, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Misustin says the peak of the pandemic has been reached, which allows “cautious lifting” of containment measures.

Wednesday in the UK was the hottest day since the beginning of this year, so many were looking for a solution to cool off. And because they are allowed to go to the beach again, this was the first place they went.

Spain is prolonging the state of emergency

In Spain, on the other hand, the state of emergency was extinguished for another five weeks.

Barcelona’s beaches are also open, but with limited hours.

Already mandatory in public transport, Spain has generalized the wearing of masks. Adults and children over the age of six must wear masks – in shops, but also in public places, when it is not possible to keep a safe distance of 2 meters. However, the decree published today does not say anything about sanctions applied to those who do not comply.

But it’s hard to wear a mask in Spain in the summer. In Seville it is already 35 degrees Celsius.

Spain is one of the countries most affected by coronavirus and has had the strictest quarantine measures, with children being kept indoors for six weeks.


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