close the cities in the north due to the fault. Coronavirus behaves differently there



In the small town of U-lan in the province of Ilin, there are no taxis and buses. Residents are locked in houses. Only one hunter from the household can go out for two hours in two days and buy food.

The city describes the situation in the city as very tense, state the letter The New York Times. The controls are now very strict. If we listen and don’t go out, everything will be in the horseshoe, Li Ping resident said.

The quarantine restriction, reminiscent of the two introduced in Wuchan, has been adopted in two other cities in the north, in China in a change of the province of the same name, and in the yang in Liaonin Province, where several ppad nkazy.

Measures against the virus of the German series also prevail, despite the fact that in comparison with the province of Hubei, where the coronavirus was detected, the number of cases is relatively small. i-lin records about 130 nakaenches, while about 68,000 people became infected in Hubei. Should the infection continue, and 108 million people in the El Quarantine region, the agency warns Bloomberg.

And about coronavirus

The fact that our government is ruled by the rebirth of the order, in addition to the closure of the city, is also witnessed by six regional communist sciences. Oversight of the area was placed in the hands of German Deputy Prime Minister Sun Chun-lan, who led anti-coronavirus experts tasked with managing the situation in Wu-an.

According to Steve Tsang, director of the University Institute of the University of London, the government’s response indicates its inflexibility and inability to carry out the disease in sophisticated ways, as is the case in Jin Korea and Taiwan, the country.

Mutating the virus?

He is one of the most important Chai-po people in the area, who previously worked in Wuhan. He told the German media that the virus, to be worried, was otherwise manifested in the north of the country than in Wuhan.

While the Wu-chansk virus attacked the heart, kidneys and steva, the one in the north of the country spilled on the shoulder. The virus is tested according to duration, the results of their coronavirus test are not negative.

Europe must prepare for the second wave of coronavirus, says the EU expert

For many people, a significant problem with virus seizure is the fact that patients show symptoms later after infection in Wuchan, where they usually appear after two weeks. The period during which infected patients did not show any symptoms created swarms of family infections, Chai-po points out.

It is still unknown where the virus came from in the northern province. It is considered a penny five-year-old worker in the asswhich bag was not outside the province or in contact with nkm from zmo. No case was recorded in the province 73 days before the outbreak.

Hai-po is considered to be the most likely explanation that the virus was introduced from Russia, with which the next neighbor. For this theory, a similar gene sequence appears between the virus in the north of the country and the one that originates in Russia.

Experts now try to find out if the virus is mutating and thus not becoming more contagious and detectable. Recognized by the epidemiologist Li Lan-an with her team of widows from Eiang University, in April she submitted a non-peer-reviewed study with the results of her research. The scientist claims that they managed to find up to a dozen coronavirus mutations, of which nineteen are unknown. According to them, she encountered a slight variant, on the contrary, the most aggressive d in Europe.

Coronavirus m plate mutation. The deadliest in Europe, a hard study

However, the specialist notes that the results of such studies are in full swing and that further research and, above all, evidence is needed to clearly confirm a mutation in the virus. Many mutations do not lead to visible changes, points out, for example, Keiji Fakuda, a professor at the University of Hong Kong.

According to experts, another explanation for the virus in the northern provinces breeding seems so unusual, simply a thorough monitoring. When the epidemic broke out in Wuhan, the hospitals were immediately full, allowing attention only in the worst cases.

According to The New York Times, the re-presence of coronavirus in a country that has not reported near-local new cases for several weeks now offers little insight into whether governments accessing quarantine restrictions are likely to be elite.



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