Record record for the free Covid-19 test! What happens to those who do not get a place


Since the program’s launch, more than 700 people have signed up in the first 25 minutes to test for Covid-19 for free. Gabriela Firea, the mayor of the Capital, announced on Facebook that by 19.00, the number of registrations reached over 3,000.

Applicants must register on an online platform, and the first 11,000 will be scheduled for PCR testing.

Interested persons who fail to perform the test will remain in the database, being invited to test in a second stage of the project. The mayor of the capital stressed that the test is not a painful one.

“10,500 people from Bucharest have already been selected, from all six sectors, who will be contacted by the district town halls and invited to be tested with antibody tests. That test is not invasive either, it is not painful: a drop of blood from the navel of the finger “, said the general mayor.

Thus, Bucharest residents will complete a statement that includes eligibility criteria and personal data (name, surname, CNP, serial and CI number, age, sex, home address, telephone number, e-mail address, in case of minors are required data from the birth certificate). After completing this first stage and accepting the entry into the program, the application form and consent to participate will be completed.

Each registered participant will receive a registration number and a confirmation e-mail, and will be contacted for the actual programming and testing. A dedicated call center will keep in touch with Bucharest residents enrolled in the program and will communicate the date and time when they will have to report to the affiliated medical unit for testing.


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