The Education Ministry employee who denied the Covid-19 examination refused to be mocked.


An employee of the Ministry of Education, who had refused to undergo a Covid-19 examination, has been hospitalized at the Corinth Hospital since Friday morning, although she was taken to the hospital with symptoms.

The woman had a fever and diarrhea from last Friday until Wednesday. On Thursday, she felt better and decided to go back to work at the Ministry of Education.

When she told her colleagues about her condition, they notified EKAB, which took her to KAT Hospital.

After the doctors examined her, they realized that her symptoms “showed” a coronary artery and suggested that she be tested.

They also informed the 55-year-old that in case she was positive, she should inform her personal and professional environment.

However, the woman refused to be examined for coronary artery disease, signed and left the hospital.

However, because her symptoms were severe and the woman had reported social contact, the doctors decided to inform the police.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The police have launched an investigation into the incident.

The woman was eventually located in Corinth and has been hospitalized in the area since Friday morning.

At 11 a.m., her doctors took a sample for a Covid-19 test.

The results came out at 1.30 p.m. and in the end they were negative.

In any case, if you do not want to be considered for Covid-19, you can sign and leave the hospital.

However, if he is found positive and has infected other people, then he will be prosecuted for a criminal offense, as this case concerns an urgent public health condition.


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