Two months since the first COVID-19 death in Romania. The death toll reached 1,156, and in the darkest day 35 deaths were reported INFOGRAPHIC


The first death of a person infected with COVID-19 in Romania was recorded at March 22, when the Strategic Communication Group announced that a 67-year-old man suffering from terminal cancer had died at the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Craiova. The man had been hospitalized there on March 18, after being tested positive for COVID-19.

On the same day, GCS announced the death of two other patients, a 74-year-old man hospitalized at the “Victor Babeș” Hospital in Bucharest and a 70-year-old hospitalized at the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Iasi. Both suffered from pre-existing conditions.

It was the day when Romania began to count its coronavirus death with fear.

Two months later, the balance of COVID-19 victims reached 1156, the average death toll was 19 people a day in the coronavirus crisis.

Most daily deaths were reported on May 8, when authorities reported within 24 hours that 35 people infected with coronavirus had died. More than 30 deaths occurred on 19 April (30), 25 April (34), 29 April (30) and 13 May (34).

On the other hand, on March 22 (3), March 27 (3) and April 5 (5), the fewest deaths were reported.

The schedule of COVID-19 deaths in Romania does not have an ascending or descending slope, but is, as in the case of infections or tests performed in the coronavirus crisis, in the form of saw teeth.

On May 15, the day Romania replaced the state of emergency with the state of alert and chose to relax some of the measures imposed against the spread of COVID-19, 1,053 people died in the country from COVID-19 infection.

Currently, Romania is the 24th most affected country in the world in terms of the number of reported COVID-19 deaths. The most affected country is the USA, with about 95,000 deaths, followed by Great Britain – approx. 36,000 and Italy – 32,500. About 330,000 people infected with COVID-19 have died worldwide so far. (data provided by World of Meters).

On Friday, Romania registered 17,585 infections and 1,156 deaths, the COVID-19 mortality rate reaching 6.5%. Also, 10,581 patients were cured.


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