Coronavirus: “Watch this weekend!”


The main points of the moment:

  • On Friday, RIVM reported 13 deceased corona patients, the total now stands at 5788
  • The number of corona patients in intensive care units has fallen to 252
  • Car rental company Hertz partly bankrupt

Do you want to read back what was in the news about the corona virus on Thursday? You think so here.

Call Remkes: ‘Give each other safe space in the city’

Mayor Johan Remkes calls on the residents of The Hague to pay attention this weekend. Due to the bustle in the city during Ascension Day, the mayor asks the inhabitants to take each other into account. “It is up to all of us to ensure that we use the available space safely, such as in the city center, and that others also allow that safe space.”

HTM: even better to put on the mask while waiting

Transport company HTM is preparing for the resumption of the full timetable on 1 June. Travelers must then wear a mask in the bus and tram, “but it is even better if they also put the cap on while waiting for the stop,” says HTM. From 1 June, trams and buses will no longer stop automatically at every stop, but travelers will have to press the stop button again. The vehicles and the contact points are additionally cleaned. Passengers are not yet allowed to board the front doors of the buses and the red-beige trams.

After the test with stickers on the busy Spui and Rijnstraat stops, helping travelers to maintain sufficient distance, HTM has decided to do this at more crowded stops. ‘With the implementation of the above measures and the maximum use of our vehicles, we trust in the coming period, together with our travelers, to be able to offer the best and safest possible public transport. Together we can ensure that our trams and buses remain at least available to those who depend on them. HTM therefore asks its travelers to follow the guidelines of the Central Government, where possible postpone a trip, avoid the crowds and also use other means of transport. In other words, be welcome, but travel responsibly. “

Unclear financing of emergency hospitals Rotterdam and Maastricht

It is not clear who pays for the emergency hospitals that are hastily furnished in Ahoy in Rotterdam and the MECC in Maastricht. Construction has never been supported by other healthcare institutions, which is why healthcare insurers refuse to pay for it, reports Faithful. The special hospitals were meant for people who were too sick to go home, but too good to be admitted to the ICU. In the end, no one was lying there, and the emergency hospitals have already been demolished.

Car rental company Hertz (partially) bankrupt

The well-known car rental company Hertz has been declared bankrupt in the US and Canada. Things are still going on in Europe for the time being. The reasons for the bankruptcy are the travel restrictions imposed after the outbreak of corona. Before the North American branch went bankrupt, twelve thousand employees were already made redundant. Another four thousand had to take compulsory holidays. Ultimately, the debt of EUR 17 billion could no longer be paid off.


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