The chief infectious disease specialist of the Ministry of Health estimated the power of the second wave of coronavirus


According to the physician, after the current pandemic, most Russians will receive immunity to infection, and the virus itself will weaken.

“Presumably, there will be small increases in the incidence, but such a wave, such an epidemic as now, of course, the coronavirus will no longer cause. Because the virus itself is weakening, this happens according to the law of the epidemic process, immunity is generated in most of the population,” said Malinnikova.

She recalled that humanity had to deal with other infections, in particular those caused by the SARS and MERS viruses, and the first of them was almost never detected by other doctors among other viruses, it did not cause serious morbidity, although it had previously led to severe SARS.

Also, according to the interlocutor of the publication, the determination of antibodies to coronavirus is of great importance in preparing for the second wave.

“So we determine the level of the immune layer of the population for today. We need to conduct these tests in order to further understand how much and to whom vaccines need to be administered, what role vaccination will play,” Malinnikova concluded.

Earlier, Vladimir Putin warned of the possibility of a second wave of coronavirus infection in late October or November. The President urged that this not be forgotten when discussing mitigation of restrictive measures in the regions. He also emphasized that the heads of the subjects of the federation should be prepared for the threat.
According to the latest data, in Russia over 326 thousand cases of infection were detected, about 3250 people died, about a hundred thousand were cured. Almost half of the cases of COVID-19 disease occur in Moscow – 158 207 infected, of which 43 thousand have recovered.


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