The Ministry of Health announced the creation of a vaccine against coronavirus in Russia. What is known about her


Biologists from Russia created a vaccine against coronavirus and tested it on themselves. Federal television channels talk about this and other developments as a scientific breakthrough. The Ministry of Health plans to begin vaccination against COVID-19 in July, that is, earlier than anyone else in the world.

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Tatyana Golikova May 22 saidthat in May an increase in mortality from coronavirus is expected. But at the same time, in her opinion, the situation in the country has improved in recent days: “The situation that has developed over the past 10 days gives us reason to say that the country has nevertheless switched to a stabilization regime.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin agrees that the situation in the country has stabilized, but calls for preparations for a possible second wave of outbreak. Meanwhile, the head of the coronavirus information center, Alexander Myasnikov, commented on the death rate from COVID-19. Earlier, in his opinion, the doctor called the indicators “a Russian miracle”, but Myasnikov does not know the exact reason for this miracle: “If we find out what’s the matter, then maybe the whole world will find a medicine or weapon against COVID-19. What “there is, I don’t know what. Maybe it’s BCG, maybe our microbiome, the vaccination rate.”

Not about miracles, but about scientific breakthroughs spoken today on air Channel One. They said that in Russia they are working on the creation of 47 types of vaccines. One of them was created by scientists from the Nikolai Gamalei National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology. Despite the fact that the vaccine has not yet been admitted to clinical trials, the researchers decided to try it on themselves.

“They’re not so much experiencing themselves as they have defended themselves so that in the conditions of a pandemic they can continue to engage in development,” told Alexander Gunzburg, director of the Research Center for Epidemiology named after Gamalei.

How many employees of the Epidemiology Center have given themselves the vaccine is not known. The head of the institution, Alexander Gunzburg, says the researchers are “alive, healthy, and happy.” According to him, no side effects were found in microbiologists. Despite the fact that the vaccine is still being tested on primates, the Ministry of Health is already planning to start vaccinating the Russians. The head of the department, Mikhail Murashko, said on May 21 that the vaccine will be available for widespread use at the end of July.

“You cannot predict efficacy and safety – you need to look at the test results”

Yuri Kiselev, associate professor at the OsloMet Norwegian University, spoke about Russian vaccine development on the air of the Main program. He emphasizes that now we can talk about the work of Russian scientists only on the basis of an interview with the head of the Gamalei center, since official documents have not yet been published.

– This is a vaccine based on the so-called adenoviral vector. That is, an adenovirus that is safe for humans is used, with the help of which the components of the coronavirus that are safe for humans, which are unable to cause coronavirus infection, are introduced into the human body. They enter the human body and cause an immune response there. This is not some kind of exotic, this is a well-known technique. But it is impossible to predict efficiency and safety – one must look at the test results.

– It is said that there is immunity, no negative effects were found. Is it possible with such a study, which was conducted, to state this at all?

“I think we should give a discount to the fact that this is an interview.” Accordingly, not all details can be conveyed in it. When they say that it is safe, they obviously mean that those people who received the vaccine dose did not have obvious negative health effects.

– At that rate of spread of coronavirus and at that rate of vaccine development that will eventually appear earlier – the vaccine itself or immunity, when people get sick?

– You have very well formulated the question. The question is very interesting, it is certainly impossible to answer it, because according to, for example, the opinion of the head of the American [Национального] Institute of Immunology and Allergy Anthony Fauci – this may be the largest specialist in the world in infectious diseases now or the most respected, at least in the United States – it will take 12-18 months to create the vaccine. Will collective immunity form during this time? Again, according to published materials, we are talking about the fact that we would like to achieve an immunity level of 70%, so that the population, humanity as a whole become more protected from the virus. Which of the two processes is ahead of each other – to say so far, I think, is impossible.


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