Coronavirus in Uzbekistan: the main thing on May 25


Today, the chief state sanitary inspector, Nurmat Otabekov, again answered the most pressing accumulated questions about COVID-19. Read the answers in the material.

TASHKENT, May 25 – Sputnik. The editors of Sputnik Uzbekistan summarized all the news about the epidemiological situation in Uzbekistan by this hour and collected the most important ones.

New data on the number of cases detected

During the day, another 39 patients with a dangerous virus increased in the republic. According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, at 16.30 Tashkent time, 3 189 cases of COVID-19 were detected in Uzbekistan.

569 patients diagnosed with coronavirus undergo treatment in infectious institutions.

The dynamics of recovery

Today it became known that another 42 citizens managed to recover from COVID-19.

Patients were discharged from infectious diseases facilities located in Tashkent and Namangan.

Now the number of people recovered from COVID-19 in Uzbekistan has reached 2,607.

Thus, the level of recovery from coronavirus in the country is 81.7% of all identified cases of the disease.

The Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan does not exclude a return to strict quarantine

The authorities of Uzbekistan may return to strict quarantine if the incidence rate in the republic continues to grow at the same pace.

Recently, up to 60 new cases of infection are detected in the country daily. Along with this, the population no longer fully complies with quarantine rules. All this can lead to a second outbreak of COVID-19.

However, the authorities keep the situation under control and have already developed a number of measures for each of the possible scenarios for the development of the situation.

At risk – one of the districts of Tashkent region

In the Parkent district, Tashoblasts tightened quarantine measures: traffic in the district center is limited, people are forbidden to go out.

In addition, the military was instructed to strengthen measures at checkpoints.

A large-scale disinfection is carried out in the district in order to prevent the spread of coronovirus infection.

COVID-19 got to the capital bank

A coronavirus infection was discovered in one of the employees of the head office of Ipoteka Bank in Tashkent.

STC employees have been tested for COVID-19 – negative results >>

Now a complete list of all who could contact him is being compiled. Members of his family and some of the colleagues who had contact with him were already quarantined. A thorough disinfection was carried out in the building of the bank itself.

A pandemic is not an obstacle to art

On Friday, on the stage of the Ilkhom Theater, an online broadcast of the performance of the new band Ashot Danielyan and Nikita Makarenko ELECTROOOKO will take place.

The concert will be held without the presence of spectators in compliance with the required sanitary standards.

The musicians will help the citizens of the republic to escape a little from the negative thoughts that can increasingly arise during a pandemic.

Mitigation of restrictions: the republic resumes the transit of trains through its territory

Uzbekistan, Iran and Turkmenistan are negotiating the resumption of transit through its state borders of rail and road freight.

During the online conference, the parties also discussed issues related to the uninterrupted supply of goods, including for ensuring food security, and exchanged views on measures taken to organize disinfection tunnels to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

South Korea continues to help Uzbeks fight coronavirus

South Korea sent another batch of humanitarian aid weighing almost two tons to Uzbekistan.

The cargo includes 20 multifunctional medical beds with a mattress and a semi-automatic mechanism.

Soon it will be sent to the remaining part in the amount of over 135 thousand dollars with a total weight of about 17 tons.

Recall: the first batch of assistance with a total weight of 6.2 tons worth about 192 thousand dollars arrived in Tashkent in late April, and in the middle of May the second part was delivered.

Questions and answers

Chief State Sanitary Inspector Nurmat Otabekov replied to the main issues of interest to citizens of the republic.

– How long does the average treatment for coronavirus last? – 23 days.

– With what diseases are citizens of the republic unable to return to their homeland? – Citizens of Uzbekistan have the right to return to their country, despite the presence of any infectious and parasitic diseases.

– Why do young people die from COVID-19? – In Uzbekistan, as in the rest of the world, deaths were recorded mainly among pensioners and those who underwent surgery or who had chronic diseases. Deaths among young people are associated with their untimely seeking help.

– Why do citizens of the republic who may be potentially infectious be continuously brought from abroad? – All those who have arrived at their homeland must necessarily serve a 14-day quarantine so that the disease, if any, can manifest itself.

Distribution of COVID-19: what is happening in the world

According to the latest data, the number of cases in the world exceeded 5.41 million, more than 345 thousand people died, more than 2.17 million recovered.


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