Coronavirus: More than 6.5 million tests were performed in Wuhan in 10 days


In Wuhan, the Chinese city where the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, 6,574,093 viral nucleic acid tests were performed to detect new cases of infection. The tests were performed between May 14-23.

According to the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission, 1,146,156 tests were performed on Saturday, almost 15 times more than on May 14, the date on which the city’s testing campaign was launched, Xinhua reported. The largest number of tests was done on May 22 – 1,470,950.

Authorities conducted these tests to determine how many asymptomatic cases there are. Testing has been extended to people who have not been tested before, as Wuhan continued to report asymptomatic infections. The situation has caused concern among the population, after the factories, businesses and schools were reopened in the city.

Prior to this campaign, more than three million viral nucleic acid tests were performed in the city.

The Commission said the tests were free and voluntary.

Priority is given to residential areas that have previously reported infections, people living in old and densely populated buildings. Testing is not recommended for children under the age of six.

The testing campaign was greeted with great enthusiasm by residents, Xinhua said.


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