COVID-19 / HB vaccine tested successfully in China


May 25, 11:05

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COVID-19 vaccine tested in China

Chinese tests COVID-19 vaccines showed that the drug is safe, well tolerated and capable of inducing an immune response of the human body to the virus.

After 28 days of open trials involving 108 healthy adults were obtained promising results “, is celebrated in an article by scientists.

The final results will be announced in 6 months. Further tests will show how effectively the vaccine-induced immune response protects against SARS-COV-2.

These results mark an important milestone. Tests showed that one dose of the new vector vaccine against COVID-19 based on type 5 adenovirus Ad5-nCoV in 14 days produces specific antibodies and T cells, which makes this vaccine a potential candidate for further research, ”said the test person Professor Chen Wei from the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology.

However, current results should be interpreted with caution. The challenges in developing a vaccine against COVID-19 are unprecedented, and the ability to elicit an immune response does not necessarily mean that the vaccine can protect people from infection. The results offer a promising prospect in the development of a vaccine against COVID-19, but we are still far from making this vaccine available to everyone, ”Chen Wei added.

Note that in addition to the vaccine, a laboratory at Peking University is developing a medicine that, according to local doctors, able to stop the coronavirus pandemic.

Researchers claim that the medicine can not only shorten the recovery time of infected people, but even provide short-term immunity from the virus. Sunni Xie, director of the Beijing Genome Innovation Center at the university, said the drug was being successfully applied at the animal testing stage.

When we injected neutralizing antibodies into infected mice, after five days, the viral load decreased 2,500 times. This means that our potential drug has a therapeutic effect, ”said Xie.

The drug uses neutralizing antibodies that are produced by the human immune system to prevent the virus from infecting cells that the Xie team has isolated from the blood of 60 recovered patients.


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