Covid-19: Political “virus” is spreading in the US during China


The United States will have to work with China to fight it, instead of spreading lies and attacking Beijing, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said today.

Relations between the two countries are at their worst since the coronation broke out, with the two governments of Xi Jinping and Donald Trump exchanging “fire” over issues related to the pandemic and Washington and accusing Peck of covering up and lacking transparency. .
Continuous conflicts between China and the United States

The top two economies also clash over Hong Kong, human rights, trade and US support in Taiwan.

In an annual press conference, the Chinese Foreign Minister expressed his support for the United States in the pandemic, where the death toll is expected to exceed 100,000 in the next few days, the highest number of any country.

“Unfortunately, in addition to the terrible coronavirus, a political virus is also spreading in the United States. “This political virus is taking every opportunity to attack and tarnish China.” “Some politicians have ignored the most basic facts and invented too many lies about China and plotted too many conspiracies,” he added. “I want to say here: Don’t lose any more value and don’t ignore lives,” Wang said.

“What China and the United States need to do is first learn from each other and share their experience in fighting the epidemic and help each country fight it,” he added.

China and the United States must also begin to coordinate macroeconomic policies for their economies as well as for the world economy, he said.
China wants to work with the United States

China remains committed to cooperating with the United States in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect, Wang said when asked if Sino-US relations would deteriorate further.

“China has always argued that, as the world’s largest developing country (China) and the largest developed country (US), we both have a great responsibility for world peace and development. “China and the United States will benefit from the cooperation and will lose from the confrontation.”

Last month, Missouri became the first U.S. state to sue the Chinese government over its handling of the coronation crisis, saying China’s response to the outbreak in Wuhan had caused devastating financial losses to the state.
“If you try to undermine China’s dignity, you will be humiliated.”

“Today’s China is not the China of a century ago, nor is the world,” he said. “If you want to undermine China’s sovereignty and dignity through indiscriminate treatment and blackmail the fruits of the hard work of the Chinese people, I am afraid you are dreaming and will simply be humiliated,” he said.

Wang Yi also expressed his strong support for the World Health Organization (WHO) and its leader, Thomas Anthanom Gebregheus, who is often criticized by the United States. “By supporting the WHO, we support the salvation of lives. That is the choice that every country must make consciously, “he said.

Trump, who accuses the WHO of being a Chinese subpoena, is threatening to cut off US funding permanently and reconsider his country’s involvement in the UN service.

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