COVID-19 regulations observed at polling stations


COVID-19 regulations observed at polling stations

Voting in Suriname has been going on for several hours now. Nationally, the COVID-19 regulations are observed at the polling stations. President Desiré Bouterse on Sunday, May 24, in his televised address on the eve of the elections, stressed that the necessary measures have also been taken with regard to COVID-19 to ensure the safety of society.

For example, the voter’s little finger is first disinfected at the polling stations. In contrast to previous elections, the little finger is no longer dipped in the ink bottle. After being disinfected, the finger is stained with a cotton swab, after which the person is handed his / her ballot papers and is then allowed to vote.

The polling stations, where members of the order service of the Suriname Police Corps (KPS) are also present, close at 7 p.m.

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