How to avoid coronavirus infection in transport. The epidemiologist explains


The doctor advises not to use respirators and not to communicate with a neighbor sitting nearby.

Illustrative photo

Illustrative photo

For the sake of safety in public transport, you should not touch the surfaces and avoid paying in cash. Epidemiologist Oksana Pushkareva told about this during the discussion of about safety measures in public transport in a pandemic.

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According to her, if passengers sit next to each other in a chair, it does not pose a risk of infection, because they are looking in one direction. At the same time, the doctor advises not to talk to a neighbor and not to communicate during the trip.

Transport should be carried in personal protective equipment, but not in a respirator with a valve, as it has a higher risk of infection than a normal mask.

“Through the valve a person exhales 80% of all air. Therefore, the average citizen must wear a mask to protect another person. “, – says Oksana Pushkareva.

As for fares, the doctor notes that even before the coronavirus, money was considered one of the most contaminated items, so it is important to disinfect your hands after contact with them.

Oksana Pushkareva reminds that if you have symptoms of flu and SARS, you should limit the range of communication and not use transport. If this cannot be avoided, then do not forget about the masks. She also called for social distance, despite the fact that in transport it is almost impossible to do if it is crowded: go to the salon in turn, do not create a crowd.

Oksana Pushkareva also noted that thorough disinfection of vehicles is definitely needed, but first of all it is necessary to wash the handrails at the end of each round of the flight.

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We will add, despite weakening of quarantine by the government, the regional commission of TEB and the Emergency Situations extended quarantine because of a large number of patients with a coronavirus.

We will remind that it is possible to go in public transport of Lviv only on special passes to employees of certain establishments.


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