In Europe, for the first time successfully transplanted lungs to a patient with COVID-19


The operation was performed on a 45-year-old woman from Carinthia who contracted COVID-19 about eight weeks ago. The disease so severely affected the organs that even the artificial lung ventilation apparatus did not help her breathe.

As reported on May 25 on the website of the Vienna Medical University, this is the first such operation in Europe. Donor organs were delivered by special vehicles from the Netherlands. Postoperative tests showed that coronavirus particles still remained in the patient’s body, but their number was so small that tests for it gave a negative result.

“Even the transportation of the lungs and preparation for the operation took place in difficult conditions, and due to logistics features due to COVID-19 and related protective measures that should have been followed, ”said Walter Klepetko, Head of the Surgery Center. According to him, the specialists are very pleased with the recovery process: the woman’s condition improved only a few days after the intervention.


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