The mock “wick” between the US and China


As if the world did not have enough problems with the coronavirus pandemic, the dangerous escalation between the “eternal” competitors, the USA and China, is now added. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, using sharp descriptions such as lies and conspiracy theories, warned Washington of a new Cold War and consequently a threat to world peace.

“The time has come for the country to abandon its unfulfilled desires to change China or prevent the 4 billion Chinese from moving towards modernization,” he said. With this phrase, the Chinese Foreign Minister gives a name to the motive that he assumes is behind Donald Trump’s policy: to prevent the country from becoming a new leading power in the world. In the annual press conference on the sidelines of the plenary session of the National People’s Congress, the Chinese foreign minister used all the arguments to repel the relentless verbal US attacks.

He pushes his responsibilities for the Cornish in China

There is no doubt that at worst, US-China relations have never been so far downhill. In the United States, China represents both Republicans and Democrats in the image of evil. China’s economic success was a turning point in Donald Trump’s eyes, but after his election, the US president initially chose soft tones, especially against his “friend” Xi Zipping, whom he flattered. But then the list of points of contention became ever longer: the ongoing trade war, US sanctions against Chinese tech giants, the escalating conflict with Hong Kong, Chinese pressure on Taiwan’s rights, the persecution of its defenders journalists from one country to another, not to mention China’s disputed territorial claims in the South China Sea and the modernization of China’s armed forces, which the United States sees as a growing threat to their security interests.

“While experts initially assumed that the crisis with the corona would help the two superpowers approach each other, the exact opposite has happened,” said Elizabeth Economis, an Asian policy expert at the Foreign Policy Council’s think tank. “Both President Trump and his Chinese counterpart are using the other country to divert attention from the challenges they face internally.” For Trump, the pandemic is the biggest crisis of his presidency, and in the midst of an election campaign, things are not going well for him. He is not looking for responsibility for the tens of thousands of deaths due to coronavirus in his own decisions, but is pushing it to China and the World Health Organization, which he believes is controlled by China. Not a day goes by without criticism: That China is taking advantage of the pandemic to reap benefits and strengthen its reputation. That it did not stop the spread of the virus at its root, despite the fact that it was possible. That it was infecting the whole world, causing huge damage. Recently, Trump said he had no appetite for dialogue with Xi Jinping, adding that “we can sever ties completely.”

“Disastrous consequences”

In the midst of a crisis, competition is constantly growing. With the policy of “America First” and his withdrawal from the world diplomatic pulse, the American president leaves a gap, which Xi Zipping cleverly knows how to cover, as it became clear at the annual General Assembly of the WHO. The American president did not receive the same place, but only sent a threatening letter to the organization with an ultimatum. On the contrary, the Chinese president announced sponsorships amounting to several billion. The dispute between the two is expected to escalate in this US election year. “Much of what the government is doing in foreign or domestic policy is about China in one way or another,” said Elizabeth Economie, adding that the two countries would not change anything in the near future.

Both Trump and Joe Biden’s opponents of the Democratic Party are taking advantage of each other’s images alongside Xi Jinping for videos in their election campaign to create a climate. The story of Trump’s supporters is that the former US vice president treated China with great care, the Biden camp counted that Trump praised China 15 times for fighting the corona.

All this foretells the worst. “In the next six months, there will be competition between the two parties over which of the two will better defeat China and which can be more effective in defending US interests,” said Bonnie Glaser of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Politico. Political motives between both the superpowers and the Republicans and Democrats “could have devastating consequences,” warns Thomas Christensen of the Brookings Think Tank. And he calls for a “ceasefire.”

Lena Klimkait, Andreas Landver / dpa Edited by: Irini Anastassopoulou

Source: Deutsche Welle


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