The US National Security Adviser compares China’s reaction to Covid-19 with Chernobyl


“The way they handled the virus will go down in history, as will Chernobyl. In 10 or 15 years, we’ll see it on HBO,” Robert Obrian told the media.

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Mr Obrian gave this answer to the question of whether the Trump administration was tough enough on Beijing because it was trying to reach a trade agreement with the country.

“We want good relations with China and the Chinese people, but unfortunately we only see the Chinese Communist Party’s actions making it difficult. And when it comes to trade, we will see if they succeed. But now we are dealing with a new world – the coronavirus,” Obrian said.

“They released the virus into the world. It destroyed America’s economic wealth and we must continue to spend to keep America afloat during this virus.”

The Chinese president has angered Trump by misleading him about the coronavirus outbreak that began in Wuhan in December. He was also not honest about the actual number of infections.

Trump said China’s actions had allowed coronavirus to spread widely before countries could take effective action to combat it. According to Obrian, China continues to prevent doctors from collecting all information about the virus from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in China.

Asked if he thought China would share a coronavirus vaccine with the United States if it was developed first, Obrian replied:

“I think we will be the first to develop a vaccine. There is a possibility, and it has been reported, that the Chinese have been involved in espionage to try to find the research and technology we are working on. This applies both to the vaccine and to the therapy. years of history – stealing American intellectual property and I wouldn’t be surprised if they did it with vaccines. “

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