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When will we have a coronavirus vaccine? Three of them have already had serious results – capital.ro


Three vaccines are being tested internationally, with serious and encouraging results against coronavirus. Research is also progressing well in Hungary, and there are more and more drugs to relieve the symptoms of the disease.

What the experiments show

János Szlávik said in a news program on the M1 news channel that two of them send a message to human cells, namely to produce antibodies against the virus, and the third, in essence, an attenuated virus, which is being tested in China.

The specialist also stated that the experiments performed so far on animals show that whoever went through the disease will really be protected, but it is not known for how long. It is also worrying that the virus is undergoing changes – he added.

When we have a coronavirus vaccine

“Fortunately, scientists have noticed, for now, that changes in the virus do not affect the ability to infect, its aggression or its spread.

For the time being, researchers are working to prepare, as soon as possible, a vaccine efficient and the results are good in this regard. According to the most optimistic scenario, the vaccine will be ready in September, and according to others, in winter or next spring, “he said.


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