Coronavirus: WHO warns of the second wave, the outbreak of Covid-19 at the Belarusian nuclear power plant



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The world is now on the crest of the first wave of the pandemic, said WHO head of emergency program Mike Ryan on Monday

The World Health Organization (WHO) reiterates its warning that quarantine withdrawals too fast, even in countries where Covid-19 cases are steadily decreasing, could lead to another outbreak.

The world is now on the crest of the first wave of the pandemic, said WHO head of emergency program Mike Ryan at a briefing on Monday evening.

“We are still in a phase where the disease is actively spreading,” he said. “You also need to understand: the fact that the number of new cases is falling does not mean that it will continue to decline.”

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According to Ryan, in a few months we can see the second peak.

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On Memorial Day, Californians filled the beaches, ignoring advice on the need to distance

In recent weeks, many Western countries, primarily Europe, have begun to weaken quarantine measures. Some states in the USA do the same.

The opening of the tourist season from June 1, Spain announced.

The scandal surrounding adviser Boris Johnson does not abate

In Britain, a scandal continues to erupt around Dominic Cummings, the prime minister’s chief adviser who violated self-isolation rules.

Cummings is called the gray cardinal Boris Johnson and the Brexit architect.

The front pages of British newspapers on Tuesday were devoted to Cummings, and his press conference on Monday, at which he stated that he did not regret his actions and did not intend to resign voluntarily, to which he was called not only by members of the opposition, but also by his own Conservative party.

Journalists have repeatedly criticized Cummings for violating the rules, which he himself helped establish.

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Cummings said that he does not regret his action and does not see anything bad in him

On Tuesday to protest Cummings’ actions, Douglas Ross, Under Secretary for Scottish Affairs, a member of the Conservative and Union Party, the Scottish branch of the Conservative Party, resigned.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Ross wrote that he couldn’t stay in office because it would send the wrong message to his voters, many of whom were unable to visit sick relatives due to quarantine.

“I can’t tell them with a clear conscience that they were all wrong, and one government adviser was right,” Ross writes.

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The situation with the coronavirus in Britain could affect the political career of Cummings’ boss, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The Prime Minister interceded several times for his adviser.

On Wednesday, Boris Johnson will have to answer questions in Parliament, and his position on the Cummings situation is likely to be one of the main topics.

UK weakens quarantine

Britain, meanwhile, continues to weaken quarantine rules. The Prime Minister said on the eve that markets and car dealerships will open on June 1, and all stores will be able to resume work on June 15.

The British National Bureau of Statistics, which is counting cases of infection and Covid-19-related deaths in Britain, released a new report on Tuesday.

It follows from this that in the whole of Great Britain over 47 thousand people died due to the outbreak. This is almost 10 thousand more than according to the British Ministry of Health.

NYSE opens the door

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) will open its doors after a two-month hiatus.

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The New York Stock Exchange is preparing to open. The photo shows transparent partitions between the tables. They have been installed recently.

The exchange remains one of the few sites on which, besides electronic, physical trading is still underway.

Now they will resume with the rules of social distance. Only a quarter of employees and traders will be allowed to return to work in the building.

Covid-19 outbreak at Belarusian NPP

About 100 people employed in the construction of the Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant got coronavirus, stated in a video message on Tuesday, the head of Rosatom Alexei Likhachev.

Back in April, 15 Russians suspected that a virus was detected at the Belarusian NPP, but the tests yielded a negative result.

According to him, in Desnogorsk, Smolensk region, 42 employees of the Smolensk NPP and “enterprises in the Rosatom circuit” got sick.

“It seems that everything was organized correctly … But obviously, at some stage they relaxed, violated isolation, violated sanitary requirements, and immediately got an outbreak of the disease,” Likhachev said.

He called this incident a serious lesson for all industry enterprises.


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