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Municipal COVID-19 impact monitor

To answer these questions and to give municipalities an insight into what is going on among residents and entrepreneurs, I&O Research developed the municipal COVID-19 impact monitor.

We use the monitor to map developments for various domains. You can think of trends in the field of the economy, the social domain, culture and safety. We collect data in part from public sources.

There is also the option to submit questions to your residents, including a benchmark via the I&O Research Panel. This allows you to compare the results of your municipality with national figures. We support you in asking the right questions so that you can sharpen the policy with the results and tailor it to the local situation and needs.

Handles for targeted policy

After we have agreed the exact content of the monitor with you, we set up the monitor for you and you will receive monthly results in tables. You will also receive a clear fact sheet with the most important results.

This gives you insight into the developments in your municipality over a longer period of time and allows you to make a comparison with reference areas and we support you in putting the results into perspective. This helps determine the course of the municipal approach.

More information?

We are happy to let the monitor meet your wishes. In addition to determining the content of the monitor, you can also opt for a concise report, a dashboard or a presentation. Do you have any other ideas? Even then we would like to think along with you. More information can be found in the brochure about the municipal COVID-19 impact monitor. For questions regarding the monitor, please contact Melle Conradie or Gerben Huijgen. They are happy to help you further. Their contact details are at the bottom of this message.


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