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The violation of quarantine by the elected prime minister’s adviser and the protection that Boris Johnson continues to provide him exceeds all limits. “We have to go further and see how we deal with the juror,” was the repeated response from a Downing Street 10 resident to persistent questions from the parliament’s general affairs committee about the government’s handling of the issue itself. Britain for days.

Boris Johnson testified today (Wednesday) for the first time in the committee since taking office and in the positions of its president, Bernard Jenkins, about the “serious concerns” of its members about what has been made public about him. A high-ranking adviser, the prime minister said he deeply regretted the anguish and pain that citizens have gone through all this time, but would not want to enter into discussions that have already taken place. He was also asked why the secretary of the cabinet was not called upon to conduct an independent inquiry into the case, and Boris Johnson argued that such lengthy discussions had already taken place that he was not convinced that such an inquiry would be a good use of time. of public officials.

Asked if the secretary of state’s opinion on whether there was compliance with the code of ethics and integrity was asked, the prime minister said he had no reason to believe anything less than he said a few days ago. He also rejected allegations by committee members that after these events, citizens would be less receptive to following the restrictive rules on pandemic.

He was also asked to give a clear answer to other parents who are dealing with childcare issues while they are ill, just like with Dominic Cummings, and said the clear guideline is to stay home unless there are exceptional problems with childcare. which will force them to “change their plans.”

Revealing the deepening political crisis in the UK, revealing that his closest ally has blatantly violated quarantine by considering himself above the law, the British prime minister is now facing the first strong internal party insurgency, dismiss.

Thirty lawmakers in the ruling Conservatives are already accusing Johnson of undermining his (any) credibility and the central message to citizens that they must adhere to the rules of restraint imposed by his government due to a pandemic.


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