There are 5.9 million cases of coronavirus in the world


As of the morning of May 29, there were 5,906,202 cases of coronavirus in the world, including 2,579,877 people who had recovered and 362,024 who had died.

This is evidenced by the data Worldometer.

In the new days, 5,295 new cases of COVID-19 and 475 new deaths were recorded. More than half of the coronavirus cases are in Mexico, where 3,377 new cases (81,400 in total) and 447 new deaths (9,044 in total) have been registered today.

In the United States today, there are 1,768,461 cases of coronavirus, including 103,330 people who died and 193,181 recovered.

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In Brazil, 438,812 cases were recorded, with Russia remaining in third place in the anti-disease rating.

In Spain and the United Kingdom, there were 284,986 and 269,127 cases of coronavirus, respectively.


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