The number of coronavirus patients in the world has been rising sharply for five days in a row


As of Friday, May 29, 125,511 cases of Covid-19 coronavirus disease have been diagnosed worldwide. This is the highest number of patients diagnosed in the last five days, during which the number of patients has been steadily increasing. A previous record for the number of new patients was set the day before.

According to the site Worldometers, which collects statistics of coronavirus from official sources of each country, in Brazil for the past day found 29,526 patients with coronavirus, in the US – 25069, in Russia – 8371, in India – 7300, in Peru – 5874, in Chile – 4654, in Mexico – 3463, in France – 3325, in Iran – 2258, in Pakistan – 2076. In total New cases of the disease were found in 144 countries.

For comparison, on May 28, 116,304 Covid-19 infections were diagnosed in the world per day, on May 27 – 106,475, on May 26 – 9,2060, and on May 25 – 87,800.

As of Saturday morning, May 30, more than 6 million people in the world have fallen ill with the coronavirus pandemic.

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