Viktor Lyashko told about the current stage of the COVID-19 epidemic in Ukraine


In an interview with Radio Svoboda, Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine, Chief State Sanitary Doctor Viktor Lyashko spoke about the current stage of the COVID-19 epidemic in Ukraine.

Asked whether it was possible to say that Ukraine had passed the peak of the disease, and whether it was not and will not be, Lyashko said in a “Saturday interview”: “We have brought to a certain plateau. Peak is the achievement of the largest number of cases. The largest number of cases – we have never exceeded 600. That is, we say that our peak is stretched in time. We renamed it the plateau. ”

“We had a registration of 400-500 cases. Now we register about 300 cases a day, “he added.

And when asked if it is possible to talk about a reduction, he replied: “Yes. But we are at the stage of restraint, because certain areas of the economy are opening up. We are adapting to living in new conditions after the quarantine is eased. ”

Currently in Ukraine, the transition to the second stage of easing quarantine, the so-called adaptive quarantine, is underway. It started on May 22 and is gradually being introduced in the regions of the country as they become available.

As of the morning of May 30, 23,204 cases of coronavirus infection were registered in Ukraine, 696 people died since the beginning of the pandemic, and 9,311 have recovered.


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