Israel on the threshold of another wave of coronavirus. There are 10,000 teachers and students in quarantine


On Monday, they recorded 97 new infections in Israel in the last 24 hours. Grotto pointed out that fourteen days ago, Israel had 12 to 20 cases a day. New infected people are coming thanks to increased testing, according to Grott, 8383 tests were performed on Monday. Israel has a total of over 17,000 infected and 287 dead, he said The Times of Israel.

The next day in a row, he announced 3,000 new infected Irans, where Health Minister Said Namaki complained again today that some citizens were not following the recommendations. “Either they have complete confidence in us or they think the coronavirus is over. The latter is completely wrong,” he said.

A spokesman for his office reported 3,117 new cases in the past day, so 157,562 people were confirmed in Iran. Data on such a high number of new infections last came in March. The spokesman also said that 64 people died in the day, which means that the country has 7942 dead to date.

Iran began easing in mid-April. The lowest statistics were announced on May 2, and since then the numbers have been gradually increasing again.


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