“Poppy” Becomes The First Movie To Be Started After The Coronavirus Epidemic – News


Filming began in New Zealand.

Film and series shootings around the world were stopped a few months ago due to the coronavirus outbreak. Now, the first film to be shot within the normalization process launched worldwide is New Poppy, a New Zealand production.

New Zealand film studios, which are planned to shoot Avatar 2 and Lord of The Rings, reopen their doors to productions. Recently, it was announced that Avatar 2’s director James Cameron and producer Jon Landau landed in New Zealand with a team. However, the whole team entered the 14-day quarantine process. Meanwhile, it was announced that the shooting of Poppy, a local movie from New Zealand, was started. So Poppy was the first movie to be shot after the epidemic.

New Zealand has been taking level 4 measures for the coronavirus for some time. Level 4 meant that everyone was in quarantine. Now the country’s epidemic has been set at level 2. So quarantine has been lifted, but new rules will be determined and implemented in social and business life. Film and TV series were also included.

Shooting of a local movie Poppy will be completed in 6 days. The movie tells the story of a young woman with down syndrome. The young woman refuses to be identified by what she is inadequate. Therefore, he decides to regain control of his life.

Underwater studio shots of the Avatar 2 movie were also made in New Zealand before the coronavirus outbreak. In 14 days, we will be back to the studio with a smaller team than before. In addition, scenes involving crowded players will not be shot, and outsourced services such as food service will not be provided, ensuring the safety of the whole team.


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