The chief surgeon of the USA expects new outbreaks of coronavirus due to protests


Chief Surgeon Jerome Adams stated Politico, which is expecting new outbreaks of coronavirus as a result of mass protests during which thousands of people are in the immediate vicinity.

“I am concerned about the public health consequences of individual and institutional racism, and that people are protesting in ways that harm themselves and their communities,” Adams said.

According to the Chief Surgeon, the United States has every reason to expect new outbreaks and outbreaks in the future.

The official also expressed hope that people’s outrage could be directed in a constructive direction.

Protests continue in the United States, which led to the death of police after the arrest of a black man Jerome Floyd. Peaceful protests were also accompanied by pogroms and vandalism. In response, US President Donald Trump warned about using the military to restore order. The speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday called on Trump to initiate a process of reconciliation in society.

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