The latest news about the coronavirus in the Netherlands


The Netherlands is slowly but surely coming out of the partial lockdown. Various measures are being eased slowly, but measures will continue to apply to prevent the further spread of the new corona virus in the Netherlands. Follow in this live blog the most important developments around the corona crisis.

  • The number of corona deaths in the Netherlands has risen to 5,962
  • A total of 46,545 people in our country have so far been tested positive for the virus.
  • The influx into hospitals seems to be leveling off: 11,744 corona patients have (have been) admitted to date.
  • There are currently a total of 158 corona patients in intensive care.

Update 04:40 – Left: increase emergency support culture to 1 billion euros

The PvdA, GroenLinks and SP want the cabinet to pay a much more generous grant for culture than the current 300 million euros in support. That reports the AD.

The parties are asking for another 700 million euros from the cabinet for art and culture, bringing the total amount to 1 billion. Labor party leader Lodewijk Asscher speaks of an assumption based on an inventory and discussions with those involved. “From the director of the Frans Hals Museum to actor Gijs Scholten van Aschat and rapper Ali B.” Asscher calls the first emergency package a promising start, but completely insufficient. He speaks of a moral obligation to a sector that colors society and is of great economic importance.

Unsubsidised art in particular is getting off the ground, Asscher says. “Many cabaret and theater performances come from free producers. They have high costs and, contrary to what the minister says, they cannot rely on the NOW, with which entrepreneurs can continue to pay the wages of their employees. ”

Update 03:30 – Mayors gathered again for consultation on corona measures

The mayors of the 25 Security Regions meet Tuesday evening for the weekly Security Region deliberation.

Among other things, they look back on the past Pentecost weekend. From Monday, Whit Monday, terraces may open again and museums, cinemas and theaters will also receive a public reception.

The chairman of the Security Council, Hubert Bruls, said on Monday “to regain cosiness from the 25 security regions” when the catering and the terraces are reopened. According to him, the catering industry has therefore started quietly.

Update 3:30 – Secondary schools open again after weeks of closure

Secondary schools will open their doors again on Tuesday for larger groups of students. The schools had been closed to the vast majority of students since mid-March. The last weeks before the summer holidays, students are allowed back into their school building, but not all at the same time. And as a precaution, they should keep a meter and a half apart. Personnel are also obliged to do so.

Initially, the cabinet did not like the school closure, but tacked after pressure from society. Medical specialists, among others, argued for the closure in March. They found it necessary to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

In the meantime, the number of infections has decreased considerably. Figures from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) also show that young people are much less susceptible to coronavirus than older people.

Update 03:30 – Public transport resumes normal timetable with masks

From Tuesday, public transport will again largely run according to the regular timetable. However, far fewer travelers can take it than usual to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. That is why the rule still applies that people only take public transport if this is necessary. A mask is mandatory on the bus, train, tram, metro and on the ferry. Those who fail to do so risk a fine of 95 euros.

“NS runs the maximum number of trains that are possible for its employees under corona conditions and that are necessary to keep the Netherlands accessible,” says the transport company. Only the seats on the window sides, with a green sticker, are available for travelers. As a result, about half of the seats in the train can be used.

Update 03:05 – Second chance for rejected face masks

Millions of rejected medical mouth masks are being examined to see whether they can still be used in healthcare or beyond. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport has announced this to De Telegraaf.

“Some of the rejected masks are currently still in storage at the National Consortium for Aids (LCH),” says a spokesman for the department. “It concerns FFP-2 mouth masks that meet the requirements in the field of filtration, but are not entirely suitable for the face. These masks may still be used in healthcare with user instructions for fitting the mask to the face. ”


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